Catherine helps Clarissa create heartfelt designs

After her "love letter to Granny" reached around the world, 4 year old Clarissa was delighted.

With granny Denise's birthday coming up in March she was determined to get as many love letters as possible for her Granny's special scrapbook.

So her mum wrote to Artist and designer Catherine Davis, as Clarissa is a fan of her art.  

Catherine was delighted to help in the quest, and she posted her own letter and also invited Clarissa to send her a special drawing for her Granny.

Clarissa drew a beautiful baby elephant walking tail to trunk with her beloved grandmother.

Catherine added her expert touch to the 4 year olds drawing to create a beautiful design - "Clarissa's love".

"Clarissa's love" was sent to the family on a cushion, a mug and Granny and Grand daughter sized aprons (perfect for their baking days together). 

The family are delighted, so much so that Catherine Davis has added the cushion and mug products to her on line store and is donating profits from sales of the design to a charity nominated by the family.

Check them out here -

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