Dear Granny, my love for you is so big it reaches...ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

Clarissa and her Granny Denise have always been best friends, spending countless sleepover nights and holidays together.

So when Denise felt down after developing a brain aneurysm, 4 year old Clarissa took matters into her own hands. She set up a facebook campaign with her mum to get love letters for her granny from all the places they'd been together and that she knew her Granny wanted to go.

And the letters rolled in from all over the world .....


Denise can't wait to see the scrapbook that Clarissa is making for her birthday soon and has been so proud and delighted to see how loving Clarissa is.

Clarrisa's amazing campaign for her Granny has made headlines - check the links here to see the full story and all the places that her beloved granny Denise has received love letters from.

And there's an amazing twist in the tail of this story ... keep your eyes on my blog to see what happens next xxxx

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