Clarissa's Love - Charity Mug - Art By Catherine Davis

Clarissa's Love - Charity Mug

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Single 11 oz. Ceramic mug featuring 'Clarissa's Love'.

'Clarissa's Love' is a collaboration between myself and 4 year old Clarissa.
Clarissa has been collecting love letters for her granny from around the world to show her just how much she means to her, following her granny recently developing a brain aneurysm, and Clarissa wanting to do something to cheer her up.

When Clarissa and her mum contacted me to see if I could write a letter too, I was more than happy to help this wonderful little girl with her quest. I wanted to see if there was anything else that I could do, and our collaboration was born!
Clarissa drew and coloured in 2 elephants (her own idea, not mine) to represent her and her granny, and I used my pattern designing techniques to turn Clarissa's brilliant drawings into a design that we could easily reproduce on to textiles and ceramics.

All profits from 'Clarissa's Love' mug sold will go to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, the Charity of Clarissa and her family's choice.

The mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe, featuring a high gloss finish.

Note: Size of mug is approximately 9.5cm high and 8.2cm in diameter. Dishwasher safe, and if washing by hand, mild detergent is recommended, we advise against bleach.